When you decide to sell your property, two things matter: Integrity and Value.

Selling a home will be the biggest transaction that most people make in their lives and you want to know your agent will use Ethical and Effective Sales Strategies. 

Empty promises of sky-high prices, massive advertising and photography projects that you pay for and hustling of buyers into your property at a moment's notice, all tend to make the process of selling your home difficult and unsatisfying – which is why we avoid them. 

Using the Smartre Sale method we have a completely different approach to selling real estate and offer our clients the finest real estate experience. 

8 Questions Smart Home Sellers Ask- 

  • What sets us apart from other agents? Our sales team focus on your goals and how they can help get you to where you want to go. We are well trained in methods and strategies of sale that benefit you, the seller.
  • How would we take your property to the market? The Smartre Sale method is being used throughout Australia & New Zealand with great success, and is one of the most recognised risk-free methods of sale available to property sellers. The Smartre Sale provides financial safety allowing the home sellers to test the market without damaging their Digital Footprint. We aim to safely market your property and obtain the highest price in today’s market.
  • What price do you think your property is worth? We ensure that the price discussed with you is based on recently sold properties in your area, similar properties you would be competing with and the current demand for your style of property.
  • How much do I pay if the property doesn’t sell? We have a “No Sale No Fee” policy. This means there is no charge unless your property is sold and settled. This includes all marketing fees.
  • How do we conduct property inspections? Using an integrated smart inspection strategy. A majority of buyers will be introduced to your property in one of two ways: an Open House or a One-on-one Inspection. Each of these methods attract a different kind of buyer.
  • Can the agency explain their Negotiation Strategy? We are skilled and trained negotiators – not mediators. Our negotiation principles can add as much as 10% to your final selling price.
  • How does our fee compare to your value? Consider this, if an agent charges an extra $2,000 but negotiates an extra $20,000, wouldn’t you agree that this agent is $18,000 more valuable to you than a cheaper competitor.
  • How do we guarantee our service? Our written service guarantee provides our property sellers with peace of mind that we are committed to working with our sellers and acting in their best interests at all times. This guarantees the owner the best possible result.

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