When you decide to sell your property, two things matter: integrity and value.
Selling a home will be the biggest transaction that most people make in their lives and you want to know your agent will be open, honest and ambitious.

Empty promises of sky-high prices, massive advertising and photography projects that you pay for and hustling of buyers into your property at a moments notice, all tend to make the process of selling your home difficult and unsatisfying – which is why we avoid them.

We have a completely different approach to selling real estate and offer every vendor:

  •        Clear advice on pricing backed by evidence, not wishful thinking. We can show you the market trends, the latest comparable sales and what we think your property will sell for. This means you don’t have to have your property sitting on the market for months waiting for a unicorn purchaser to appear (one so rare they might not even exist).
  •        No cost for listing your property. No payment is required unless you sell your property    
  •           No compulsory advertising or photography costs. Most of our clients welcome the fact that we don’t charge for advertising or photography unless you want to invest in them as part of your campaign.  
  •           Private tours of houses for potential buyers 24/7. We know buyers are busy and the best time to see a house is often in an evening or weekend. We escort buyers through properties at a time that suits them and you – making our properties more accessible to buyers.
  •           No open houses or auctions. We know the best techniques for selling properties in the Goulburn Valley and have built a reputation for integrity and results over the past 20 years.

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